Should You Skip Your Dental Visit?

What Happens If You Skip Your Dental Visit?

It’s time for your semi-annual dental visit again. But you’re so busy! How can you find the time? Or maybe you’d rather avoid going to the dentist altogether. Your teeth are fine. You’re not experiencing any pain or discomfort. So, you can stretch the time between visits, right?
Well, you’d be taking a big risk. Peace Haven Family Dentistry—and the American Dental Association (ADA)—recommends scheduling a dental visit every six months, no matter your age. And that’s because a lot can happen in six months in your mouth. So, waiting longer between visits simply increases your risk of developing other oral, dental, and health issues.
Here’s what happens when you skip your dental visit.

Plaque and Tartar Build-Up On Your Teeth

No matter how diligent you are with your at-home dental care (brushing and flossing), you will still get a buildup of plaque and tartar on your teeth and beneath your gum line. This buildup can quickly lead to gum disease, toothaches, and bleeding gums, which can ultimately lead to tooth loss. Plaque and tartar can only be carefully removed with our special dental instruments.
In addition, we take the time during your dental visit to check for signs of oral cancer and other oral health issues. Bacteria in the mouth can cause halitosis (bad breath), which is no fun for you or anyone else. And bacteria can also show up as a white coating on your tongue, with is a sign of a serious oral infection.

Tooth Decay Worsens

Your dental visit is meant to act as a preventative measure. When we clean and examine your teeth, we are looking for early signs of tooth decay. By catching these signs early through your regular dental visit, we can take precautions to prevent your tooth decay from worsening. Left unchecked for too long, and you may need a more serious procedure, such as a root canal, a crown or an entire tooth replacement.

Your Overall Health Is Compromised

Your dental health is essential to your overall health. Many times, dental issues can serve as a precursor for other more serious illnesses and diseases (e.g., osteoporosis, hormone deficiencies, heart disease, and cancer). In fact, recent studies have linked a higher risk of developing brain cancer to the presence of bacteria in the mouth, which can then travel directly to the brain. That’s scary! And all the more reason to stay on track with every dental appointment.

Don’t Delay Your Dental Visit

Many people take their dental health for granted. If you don’t schedule your six-month appointment when you leave the office, it’s easy to let the months slip by. Then you have to wait to get back into rotation with your visits.

At Peace Haven Family Dentistry, we want to help you maintain the best dental health possible, so you can enjoy the best overall health for your body. Don’t waste time scheduling your appointment. And please take your health or your dental health for granted.
When you arrive at Peace Haven Family Dentistry, you are entering a judgment-free zone. We will provide the best dental care for you, no matter your dental condition or how long it’s been since your last appointment.

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