All Porcelain Crowns and BridgesWe want you to have a healthy mouth and a happy smile!

At Peace Haven Family Dentistry, we use both a clinical and an aesthetic approach to tooth care and tooth restoration. While we determine the best and most efficient way to restore your tooth structure, we also look for a visually pleasing way to restore your teeth. That’s why we will utilize all porcelain crowns and bridges whenever possible.

All Porcelain Dental Crowns

All porcelain dental crowns and veneers are highly durable and the most natural-looking dental restoration option available. These dental crowns are custom sized, shaped, and colored to closely match your surrounding teeth. No one but you will know that you’ve had a tooth restored.

Dental crowns are used to restore the following dental issues:

  • Chipped, cracked or broken teeth
  • Teeth weakened by decay
  • Teeth needing restoration after a root canal
  • Missing teeth (implant supported crowns)

A chipped, cracked or broken tooth can result from an injury (e.g., from sports or a fall). We highly recommend that you take care of this tooth injury as soon as possible before other dental issues develop. Once the tooth surface is broken, decay can quickly begin. Tooth decay can lead to the need for a more aggressive tooth restoration. And if the decay is allowed to remain for too long, you may need to replace the entire tooth. In order to replace any missing teeth, we can also use dental crowns as part of a dental bridge or a dental implant.

Before you leave our office, we’ll instruct you on how to properly care for your all porcelain crown. We recommend that you brush and floss daily—every morning and every night. A toothbrush with multi-level bristles or an electric toothbrush works best. Be sure to pay special attention to your back molars and to the inside of your front teeth. And, of course, you should plan to schedule regular dental checkups twice annually.

All Porcelain Dental Bridges

When replacing missing teeth, our all porcelain dental bridges can be great solutions and will resemble your natural teeth. This makes them a very appealing, natural-looking dental solution. A dental bridge will hold your replacement teeth in place by anchoring them to your adjacent teeth. Dental bridges provide a strong, durable foundation for your replacement teeth and are cemented in place.

Dental bridges are used to restore the following dental issues:

  • Replace missing teeth
  • Restore your smile
  • Prevent remaining teeth from moving
  • Reestablish chewing and speaking ability
  • Maintain facial shape
  • Upgrade a partial denture to a more permanent dental fixture

An all porcelain dental bridge is fixed and non-removable. An all porcelain dental bridge allows you to eat and drink as you normally would.

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