5 Ways Dental Crowns Save Your Teeth

Are your teeth damaged and need repair?
Do you experience reoccurring oral discomfort?
Have you considered dental crowns?

Dentists have used dental crowns for more than 100 years because they add substantial support to teeth that have been weakened by decay or injury. Restore your smile to alleviate oral discomfort with this versatile solution that corrects numerous health and cosmetic concerns.

  • Repair decaying teeth.
  • Restore damaged teeth.
  • Secure a dental bridge.
  • Cover dental implants.
  • Cover fillings from cavities.
  • And more

What Are Dental Crowns?

Customized to cover your tooth above your gum line, a dental crown preserves and extends both your tooth’s lifespan and appearance. Crowns are also composed of various professional-grade materials that can match your exact color and shape. The materials available to you specifically will be determined by your doctor after a proper evaluation.

Zirconia: Zirconia crowns are made from zirconium dioxide, a durable metal that’s similar to titanium.The most common type of material used for crowns today, zirconia’s strength and durability is an excellent choice for dental crowns, especially those in the back of your mouth.

Metal: Metal crowns include alloys that contain a high content of gold or platinum, or base-metal alloys (e.g., cobalt-chromium and nickel-chromium alloys). These crowns provide a strong, fracture-resistant bond that does not wear away teeth.

Ceramic: Ceramic dental crowns provide a more natural color match than other crown types. This option may be more suitable for patients with metal allergies.

Porcelain fused with metal: Porcelain fused with metal is one of the most common types of dental crowns. They provide a natural look and feel and are supported by the strength of the metal.

Resin: Resin is less expensive than other types of crowns. However, dentists typically do not recommend resin because it wears down quicker and is more likely to break.

5 Ways Dental Crowns Save Your Teeth

There’s no debate! Dental crowns have been used and enhanced for more than 100 years because they are an effective solution to both temporary and permanent teeth issues. Discover the top five reasons Peace Haven Family Dentistry suggests dental crowns to help save your teeth.

1. Crowns alleviate discomfort from damaged teeth.
Dental crowns are used to complete restorative therapies and treatments. This includes root canals and tooth fracture repair. A dental crown also protects the sensitive tissues inside your tooth and helps eliminate pain because it preserves the natural tooth structure. This way, in time, you can eat what you like.

2. Crowns restore the healthy appearance of your teeth.
Dental crowns are intended to restore teeth and relieve discomfort, but they also offer numerous cosmetic benefits. Use dental crowns to help correct several discomforting conditions.

Misshapen teeth
Crooked teeth
And more

3. Crowns are custom made.
Are you worried your crown will be noticeable or uncomfortable? When preparing for a crown, your dentist will first create a mold of your original tooth. This way, your crown matches the shape, size, and color of the surrounding teeth. Once your mouth has healed, your crown will feel secure and almost unnoticeable.

4. Dental crowns are a simple treatment.
Dental crowns are relatively simple treatments. Once your tooth has been cleaned and the damaged tissue is removed or healed, your dentist will shape your tooth and prepare it for your crown.

The entire process takes around two hours to complete. Depending on the severity of the pain or damage, your dentist may place a temporary crown on your tooth to relieve pain while you wait for your permanent crown. Once prepared, your dentist places the crown over your tooth and seals it with a strong bonding cement to ensure durability.

5. Dental crowns can last years.
Dentists fasten crowns to your teeth with dental cement that forms a firm bond with your original tooth. If you keep a consistent oral care routine and attend regular dental check-ups, your dental crown should last you many years.

Strengthen Your Smile Today

Dental crowns help enhance your smile effortlessly. Use a temporary crown to relieve discomfort or ask your dentist about a permanent cap for cosmetic purposes.
Ready for your dental crown? Let Peace Haven Family Dentistry in Winston Salem evaluate if a dental crown is right for you.

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