10 Benefits of Teeth Whitening in Winston Salem at Peace Haven Family Dentistry

Have your teeth naturally dulled over the years? Or have they become stained due to liquids, such as soda and coffee, or taking medications? At Peace Haven Family Dentistry, we see many patients who want to whiten their smiles. Although you can easily find several over-the-counter products, the benefits of in-office teeth whitening are far greater than any alternative. And you’ll get the best results for your time and money.

Here are 10 benefits of in-office teeth whitening:

  1. Treatment is quick. We can schedule your teeth whitening appointment in between errands or during your lunch break. Our in-office teeth whitening lasts just an hour and your teeth will be much brighter than with in-home teeth whitening kits that take several weeks to complete.
  2. Professional strength. Teeth whitening products sold in stores have about 3% peroxide, which only works on the surface of your teeth and provides results only one to two shades brighter. Peacehaven’s in-office teeth whitening product is professional strength and only available to dentists. It contains up to 35% peroxide and can penetrate the enamel of your teeth to remove deep staining.
  3. Custom teeth whitening. While store-bought teeth whitening kits are made for mass market use, your Peacehaven dentist will create a custom whitening tray to fit your teeth.
  4. Less tooth sensitivity. In our Winston-Salem office, we apply a protective coating to your gums, which significantly reduces tooth pain and sensitivity due to treatment.
  5. No guesswork. Some people have difficulty with store-bought whitening kits. They’re not sure how much product to apply to each tooth. At Peace Haven Family Dentistry, we take the guesswork out of applying the teeth whitening gel to your teeth. We do all of the work for you, so you can sit back and relax.
  6. Long-lasting results. In-office teeth whitening provides results that last much longer than over-the-counter teeth whitening kits.
  7. Pick your shade. With store-bought kits, you have no control over the amount of whitening you receive. Your Peacehaven dentist will customize your treatment to give you the desired results.
  8. Dentist supervision. When caring for your teeth, it’s always best to have a professional at your side. The same is true for teeth whitening. We’ll help ensure that the procedure is done properly so that your enamel and gums aren’t damaged.
  9. Professional advice. Before beginning a teeth whitening procedure, we’ll first examine your teeth to be sure that your teeth will be receptive to the gel. We’ll also provide tips to help prevent future discoloration.
  10. You’ll love your new smile! Once your teeth are professionally whitened, you’ll be excited to have a bigger, happier smile. You’ll experience increased confidence and feel more outgoing.

To schedule your in-office teeth whitening in Winston-Salem, NC contact us today.

In addition to in-office teeth whitening, we offer digital x-rays, root canals, and same-day CEREC Crowns.

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