Summer Is the Best Time to Schedule Your Teen’s Wisdom Teeth Removal

School is out and summer is here. That means the time is right for wisdom teeth removal in the Winston-Salem area! At Peacehaven Family Dentistry, we make your wisdom teeth extractions as easy as possible. You’ll be on your way back to enjoying life fully in just a few days.

We recommend that teens between the ages of 14 and 18 have their wisdom teeth removed.

During this age period, wisdom tooth roots have not yet fully formed and reached the nerves in your jaw. So wisdom teeth can be extracted in a more straightforward procedure, resulting in an easier, faster recovery.

It’s best to schedule your wisdom teeth extraction before they cause any problems.

For most people, there is simply not enough room in their mouth for these teeth to move into place. Additionally, when they do start presenting themselves, wisdom teeth tend to erupt in a way that disrupts the other teeth and may cause problems with the jaw.

Schedule your wisdom teeth removal before school starts

It’s often tough to schedule procedures during the school year because school absences mean falling behind. And missing a sports practice means not playing in the game. Or you may have to skip the game altogether while you are recovering over the weekend.

We can schedule your wisdom teeth removal in Winston-Salem on a day that’s convenient for you.

For summer scheduling, some people prefer to have their wisdom teeth extracted at the beginning of the week so they have several days to recover and feel better by the weekend. Others prefer to wait for the end of the week so they can use the weekend for their recovery time and be ready for the workweek on Monday.

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