Using Up Your Dental Benefits

As we close out another calendar year, many people are leaving money on the table when it comes to using up their dental benefits. Many people have Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), which use your own funds to pay for dental care with pre-tax dollars. But whether you are insured through an employer plan, through an individual plan or through the Affordable Care Act (ACA), your plan likely expires on December 31. 
Since the holidays are here, now is the time to […]

Holiday Tooth Care

Tooth Care through the Holidays

The foods you eat during the holiday season can be tough on your teeth. All kinds of hard candies and ooey-gooey treats can cause havoc on your natural teeth and your dental work. The sugar in cookies, cakes, pies, candy, and other goodies you consume throughout the season create a natural byproduct, acid. The continued presence of acid on your teeth will cause your enamel to wear away, leading to painful cavities.
The good news is that […]

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