Should I Pull a Tooth or Save It?

The Pros and Cons You Need to Know
Do you experience pain when you eat ice cream?
Do you have to wait until your dinner “cools” before you can eat?
When you’re in pain, you’ll do just about anything to escape it. When it comes to tooth pain, you might want to pull it. Get rid of the tooth; get rid of the pain. Right? But before you make that decision, let’s consider the alternatives. Is it best to pull a tooth or […]

Oral Cancer Screening

The First Step in Your Overall Health

Have you had an oral cancer screening lately?
Do you have a history of oral cancer in your family?
Do you use tobacco products or drink heavily?

The goal of an oral cancer screening is to identify mouth cancer or precancerous areas early. When oral cancer is detected early, it will be much easier to treat. And you’ll give yourself a greater chance for a cure. If you are diagnosed with oral cancer after you notice […]

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