10 Foods That Make Your Teeth Stain

Foods to Avoid for a Whiter Smile
When it comes to food and beverages—good or bad—some foods run the risk of staining those pearly whites. Check our list of foods that make your teeth stain and foods to avoid. We’ve also included tips to help you still enjoy some of these foods while minimizing their impact on your teeth. 

Coffee – Coffee feels good going down but is notorious for teeth staining. Heavy coffee drinkers are prone to tooth discoloration. Coffee and […]

10 Top Super Foods for Better Health

Staying Healthy This Winter
A healthier body also means healthier teeth. It’s always important to eat healthy so that your
body can function well every day. When you fuel your body properly, you can perform the way
you want, you feel less tired, and you get sick less often. As we head into winter, keep these top
superfoods in mind for better health.

Remember your mother making you eat your spinach? And, of course, there’s always
Popeye. Spinach contains high levels of vitamins A, B2, B6, […]

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