Osteoporosis and Dental Health

What You Need to Know to Maintain Your Oral Health
By the year 2020, it is predicted that more than half of those over age 50 will suffer with some form of osteoporosis. And about one in three women over 50 will experience bone fractures due to osteoporosis. When considering osteoporosis, most people think about the spine “shrinking” or bones becoming brittle. But there is also a direct relationship between osteoporosis and dental health.
At Peace Haven Family Dentistry, we want […]

Dental Habits You Should Never Skip

You only get one set of adult teeth. And each tooth comes with a natural, protective enamel coating. Once this coating erodes, it cannot ‘grow’ back. At Peacehaven Family Dentistry, we’re on your team to help you care for your teeth the best way possible. We’ve created this quick list of three dental habits that you should never skip—no matter what.
Essential Dental Habit #1: Brushing Your Teeth Every Night
Maybe you fall asleep on the couch, then you wake up and […]

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